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News Update!
Sunny Colorado had our new goat kids out of the barn and into the pasture in late March. Something that never happened back in Pennsylvania. Tasha, our Livestock Guardian Dog, is fiercely protective of her "kids". She snuggles them to keep them warm when they are sleeping, becomes their jungle gym when they are wound up, and plays tag with them in the field when they go to pasture. Visit our Three Sisters Weaving page on FaceBook to watch the video clips and pictures of the goats.


Phylleri Ball

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Title: Three Sisters Weaving, Phylleri Ball, Yarn, Weaving, Goats 
Description:  Three Sisters Weaving provides Hand Dyed Yarn and Farm Raised Mohair Yarn. We have socks, scarves, shawls, hats, bags, rugs, wheels and looms. Phylleri Ball is the Dyer and Weaver of Three Sisters Weaving.

Keywords: Yarn, Hand Dyed Yarn, Farm Raised Mohair Yarn, Socks, Weaving, Schacht, Spinning Wheels, Looms, Rugs, Sheepskins, Nubian Goats